Summer Lacrosse Camp 2018

Full details

Mon 13h Aug – Fri 17th Aug and/or Mon 20th Aug – Fri 24th Aug  and/or 27th Aug – 31st Aug  (incl Bank Holiday)

From as little as £24 per day you can have enthusiastic and effective coaching to get you ready for next season or preparing you for a new sport at a new school

We take bookings right up to the day of the camp. We have plenty of space and lots of staff to call upon. In 28 years of running these camps we have never had to turn anyone away.


Staffing levels. The ratio is 10:1 or better

Staff: We have over 50 enthusiastic coaches, mostly  6th formers or college students, with experience from school teams through county to national team players

Booking: Very flexible you may book 2 to 15 days, but the prices are based around the five day course, fewer days are proportionally more expensive as it is quite disruptive to accommodate girls arriving part way through.

The cost: 2 days £110, 3 days £130, 4 days £150,  5 days £160, further days are just £20 per day . (Plus a £5 membership fee)

Venue:  Kings House Sports Ground, Riverside Drive, Chiswick, W4 2SH, see below. W4 2RZ for satnav

Timing: Starts at 10am and ends at 4.30 pm.

Participants: Girls 9 to 16: From beginners to National squad players

Sticks We will  have sticks for borrowing, and purchasing

Football boots and trainers The girls MUST have both for variable ground conditions.


Mouthguards must be worn

Goggles see note below

Full list and reminders will be sent in the confirmation email.

Squad booking: Groups of girls from the same school and age group may wish to book as a squad. This has proved popular in the last three years since we introduced it. If 10 or more girls sign up we will ensure that a dedicated coach is with them for the whole week tailoring the coaching to their needs.

Apply on line

Which week is best?

Week 1 (13th to 17th)

Especially good for beginners, as the staffing ratio is particularly high. However Last year it was also popular with older girls going for Junior England trials, so they could get up to speed in preparation.. Last year we had 14 in the top group, 70 beginners and 32 in the middle group.

Week 2 (20th to 24th)

Still good for beginners. Also particularly good for St Pauls as they start the autumn term early.

Last year we had: 18 in the top group, St Paul’s U14’s squad with 14 others,

St James and St Paul’s U13 squad, along with 14 other U13’s, plus 43 beginners.

Week 3  27th to 31st, including the Bank Holiday. It is usually the best socially and as it is so close to the beginning of  term most girls are back from holiday and are keen to get ready for the new season of lacrosse.  Last year we had 275 girls attending including squads from Downe House, Wycombe, St Paul’s, St Mary’s and St James

Boring but important, PLEASE NOTE

1. The English Lacrosse Association now recommend that girls wear goggles to play lacrosse. My view is that this comes from the litigious atmosphere in America where goggles are compulsory. In 34 years of teaching lacrosse, running camps and going on tours we only ever had one eye injury that needed hospital treatment (which was at the National Schools Tournament) and her eye recovered fully. Obviously there is a risk with a hard ball caught around head height and tackles happening close to the head too. Probably here in the UK we will eventually follow the States and make them compulsory; some schools, in fact, have already taken this line. SO THE DECISION IS YOURS

2. The English Lacrosse Association last year started a registration system. The cost of this is £15 for juniors and students, £30 for adults. The major benefit is to be covered by their insurance. In the past we have registered all the girls with the ELA for free. Under the new system we cannot do that so it would require each girl to register and that would be almost impossible for us to monitor and therefore be sure each girl is covered. So this year EVERYONE coming to our camp will have to pay a £5 membership fee to Chiswick Lacrosse Club, for that fee each girl will be covered by our insurance, and will be kept updated with information regarding courses run by us. We will also look into seeing if any suppliers will give discount to our members.

2 million teeth are lost in the UK each year in sports injuries!

Opro are willing to send a dentist to the camp on Tues 21st and 28th Aug. Please only indicate on the form if you wish your daughter to have a fitting. Also go to OPro to see cost and what colour you want. After taking the impression Opro will then send the mouthguard and invoice to your address after about a week, therefore they will not be available for the camp.

We will have £2.50 boil and fit mouthguards on sale at the camp


Rough outline of the daily schedule.

9:30 to 10           Registration

10 to 11:20         Warm up and skills                            practices

11:20 to 11:40     Break

11:40 to 1           Coached practices

1 to 2                  Lunch

2 to 3:20             Coached games or practices according to age,experience and ability

3:20 to 3:40         Break

3:40 to 4:15         Games

4:15 to 4:30         Warm down

4:30                     Pick up

Suppliers TS Hattersleys and UK Lacrosse will be at the event one day each week

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