Summer Lacrosse Camp 2017

Level 2 Coaching

Sat 19th Sun 20th Aug plus mentoring and testing in 2nd week of camp.

Camp dates:-  Mon 14th Aug – Fri 18th Aug,  Mon 21st Aug – Fri 25th    Aug,  28th Aug – 1st Sept

A unique opportunity which has been very successful over the last few year.

At Chiswick Lacrosse Summer Camp it is possible to do the Level 2 coaching course, and be mentored and assessed in one week. The coaching courses offer a natural follow on from the camps. All of our coaching staff are people who came to the camp when younger. What is on offer in not just the level 2 coaching theory, but like the level 1 course we offer  mentoring during the week, ‘Master Class’ if required, (plus you have to do an online First Aid course, and Safeguarding Children course), all of which are required before being assessed. The assessment will be on Thursday and Friday 24th or 25th

The theory of coaching will be delivered by us on Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th. Then during the 2nd week of the camp you will be able to cover all the requirements of the course prior to being assessed by the ELA on Thur 25th   or Fri 26th  

1. 4 x ½hr sessions delivered by you and mentored by us.

2. A Master Class sessions observed during the week 2 camp

3. Online First Aid course, (if not already held).

4. Practice towards level 1 umpiring if not already held, online course available, assessment at the camp also possible.

5. On-line Safeguarding Children course.

The courses are open to anyone over 18 on the day of assessment. It is limited to 8 candidates as we could not mentor more than that effectively, during the week. Usually the course is offered by the ELA and testing would be some time later, weeks or months, when the candidate had logged up the required observed sessions. Here at Chiswick Lacrosse we can offer a package giving the course and qualification in a week.

Cost of level 2 course:            Coaching £240, this includes £55 for mentoring/support through the week

You may know that Chiswick Lacrosse is able to offer the opportunity to take up a paid post at the camp, both this year and in future years. Assuming level 2 is passed, we would hope to include all of this year’s candidates in week 3.

Future employment opportunities at Chiswick Lacrosse. The rates of pay are:

        Junior Coach (level 1) - Qualifying year                                                                         £60 per day

        Junior Coach (level 1) - 1 year after qualification (depending on experience)              £70 per day

        Junior Coach (level 1) – Special cases eg very experienced but yet to do level 2       £80 per day

 Coach (level 2) –                                                                     £100 plus depending on experience and responsibility            



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