Chiswick Lacrosse The Friendly Club


The Chiswick Lacrosse Club wish to record images of the players at training and competitions for: education of staff, and for promotional purposes. These images may be used in mediums including: publications and promotional material, and broadcast, print and electronic media including a Chiswick Lacrosse Club web site.

The Chiswick Lacrosse Club will asume that parents/guardians have given permission for the Chiswick Lacrosse Club to use these images by signing the application form, or submitting the on-line form. If any parents/guardians do not wish the club to use images in accordance with our policy they may state it on the application form.

The Chiswick Lacrosse Club agrees not to use any photo in a manner that may be deemed to be adverse or defamatory to the person signing this form, and it will not use the photo for any commercial gain.

The photo will remain the property of the Chiswick Lacrosse Club and any personal details regarding this photo will be kept confidentially and will not be used for any purpose other than related to this photo.