Summer Lacrosse Camp Aug 2018

13th – 17th and/or  20th – 24th and/or 27th – 31st (incl Bank Holiday)

From as little as £24 per day you can have enthusiastic and effective coaching to get you ready for next season or prepare you for a new sport at a new school.



Girls 9 to 16: From beginners to National squad players

Staffing levels.

The ratio is 10:1 or better


We have over 50 coaches with experience from school teams through county to national team players

Booking: We are very flexible; you may book 2-15 days. The more days, the cheaper pro rata!

The cost:

2 days £110

3 days £130

4 days £150

5 days £160

Further days are just £20 per day

(Plus a £5 membership fee)


Kings House Sports Ground,

Riverside Drive,

Chiswick, W4 2SH

(W4 2RZ for satnav)

Rough daily schedule.

9:30 to 10 - Registration

10 to 11:20 - Warm up and skills


11:20 to 11:40 - Break

11:40 to 1 - Coached practices

1 to 2 - Lunch

2 to 3:20 - Coached games or practices

3:20 to 3:40 - Break

3:40 to 4:15 - Games

4:15 to 4:30 - Warm down

4:30  -Pick up

Nearly 500 girls come each year.

Over 200 are girls going to new secondary schools, the Camp gives them the chance to learn a new sport and meet up with girls going to their next school.

2017 we had 100 girls in the top groups, ranging from Junior National players to enthusiasts, they were all great examples for the younger girls to aspire to.

Squads enables school teams to book and play together.

Which week to choose?

Week 1 (13th to 17th)

Especially good for beginners, as the staffing ratio is particularly high. However Last year it was also popular with older girls going for Junior England trials, so they could get up to speed in preparation.. Last year we had 14 in the top group, 70 beginners and 32 in the middle group.

Week 2 (20th to 24th)

Still good for beginners. Also particularly good for St Pauls as they start the autumn term early.

Last year we had: 18 in the top group, St Paul’s U14’s squad with 14 others,

St James and St Paul’s U13 squad, along with 14 other U13’s, plus 43 beginners.

Week 3 27th to 31st, (including the Bank Holiday.)

 It is usually the best socially and as it is so close to the beginning of  term most girls are back from holiday and are keen to get ready for the new season of lacrosse.  Last year we had 275 girls attending including squads from Downe House, Wycombe, St Paul’s, St Mary’s and St James

At the camp

We will have sticks for purchase or to borrow, also we will sell and help fit cheap and cheerful mouthguards (£2.50)

OPro will come on the 2nd and 3rd Tuesdays

UK Lacrosse will come one day each week

TS Hattersleys will also come a couple of days

Excel Sports run a multi-sports camp at the same venue. Perhaps younger siblings would enjoy it while your daughter does lacrosse

We run a tuck shop at break times

Apply on line

Chiswick Lacrosse The Friendly Club

Chris Southwell

Chiswick Lacrosse



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