Summer Lacrosse Camp 2017

Level 1 Coaching Course

Sat 12th Sun 13th Aug plus mentoring and testing in 1st week of camp,

Camp dates:-  Mon 14th Aug – Fri 18th Aug,  Mon 21st Aug – Fri 25th and Mon 28th Aug – Fri 1st  Sept

Again we will be laying on courses for those who are 16 and over. These courses offer a natural follow on from the camps. All of our coaching staff are people who came to the camp when younger. What is on offer in not just the level 1 coaching, but also the opportunity to be mentored during the first week of the camp, and tested on the Thursday or Friday, thereby achieving the completed qualification in one week, plus the possibility of employment at the camp.

The theory of coaching, with some practical, is covered on Saturday and Sunday. During the first week of the camp you would be mentored and given help to build up the confidence to coach a group on your own. There would also be a schedule for each candidate to have observed sessions coaching. Assessment would then be on the Thursday and Friday.

The courses are open to anyone over 16 on the day of assessment. It is limited to 16 candidates as we could not mentor more than that effectively, during the week. Usually the course is offered by the ELA and testing would be some time later, weeks or months, when the candidate had logged up the required observed sessions. Here at Chiswick Lacrosse we can offer a package giving the course and qualification in a week.

The English Lacrosse Association has put in place a membership scheme as of last September. All candidates will need to register before their application for the coaching course can be completed. It is only £15 for juniors and students and gives a £15 reduction on the course fee anyway. You may apply in order to reserve a place, but it will not be fully confirmed until we receive your membership number.

Cost:            £135 this includes £95 (Full price £125) plus £40 mentoring and assessment fee                                        

Dates:           Coaching – Sat 12th / 13th Aug 9:00 to 5:30pm plus mentoring through the week and assessment Thurs or Fri 17th or 18th Aug .

Once qualified there may be the opportunity of employment at both our camp and others.    

This year we will need about 15 level 1 coaches in week 3. Half of these we hope will be newly qualified coaches. So if you would like to work at the camp do keep that week free, there may be a couple of spaces in week 2 also.

Future employment opportunities at Chiswick Lacrosse. The rates of pay are:

We employ 20 to 30 coaches each year, below are our rates of pay.

    Junior Coach (level 1) - 1st year of coaching                                                                   £60 per day

    Junior Coach (level 1) – 2nd year onwards                                                                      £70 per day

    Junior Coach (level 1) – Special cases eg very experienced but yet to do level 2        £80 per day

    Coach (level 2)                                                          £100 plus depending on experience and responsibilities

Venue          Same as the camp


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