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Hopefully you will find all the details you need here.

We will also send an update and reminders nearer the time, but listed below are things you should know.


Mouthguards are compulsory within lacrosse. We will have cheap and cheerful ones at the camp for £2.50. However you may wish to read the note below.

2 million teeth are lost in the UK each year in sports injuries!

OPro do offer an excellent service, a dentist comes to the camp takes an impression. The mouthguard is then sent direct to you with invoice. They are willing to send a dentist to the camp on Tues 21st and 28th Aug.

Please only indicate on the form if you wish your daughter to have a fitting.

Also do go to OPro to see cost and what colour you want. After taking the impression Opro will then send the mouthguard and invoice to your address after about a week, therefore they will not be available for the camp.


The English Lacrosse Association now recommend that girls wear goggles to play lacrosse.

My view is that this comes from the litigious atmosphere in America where goggles are compulsory. In 34 years of teaching lacrosse, running camps and going on tours we have only ever had one eye injury that needed hospital treatment (which was at the National Schools Tournament) and the girl’s eye recovered fully.

Obviously there is a risk with a hard ball caught around head height and tackles happening close to the head too. Probably here in the UK we will eventually follow


Club Membership

All girls attending the camp must be members, this is a nominal cost of £5. Mainly this will ensure they are covered by our insurance.

In the past we have registered all the girls with the English Lacrosse Association for free, and they have then been covered by the ELA’s insurance. However since 2017 the ELA has brought in a charge for membership, £15 for juniors and £30 for adults. So it seemed simpler and cheaper to get our own insurance.